Death is Called Ethos

by Deceitome

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released December 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Deceitome Tallinn, Estonia

New Wave of Old School Death Metal from Estonia, formed in 2015

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Track Name: Nil Humanity
The mind that’s vague,
dares to spread the disease, -
the plague of belief, -
a menace that kills us all.

Obsessions deform from stone to blood. -
A fathomable form of chaos,
measured in the lack of judgment.

An abundance of despair,
your impunity for existence.
Continue to rot in lunacy.
Demise will be sacrifice to madness.

The mass of hatred will enslave.
The exhumed will be forced to live again,
to lie and taint those who’re dead.
Betwixt hollow thoughts, only violation spreads.
Track Name: Omnicidal Minds
The point of no return,
this pillar has stood,
my visions have blurred,
blackened through, so…
For must I reek,
In this chapel alone.
In times like these
you’d wish to wrap your flesh to my bones.

Together with omnicidal minds,
leaving the world alone.
Inside omnicidal minds,
The voices speak, they belong to you!
Grieving more than living,
is called death, not pain!
Deprived of life,
now time is all about freedom, -
the darkest self!
And behind this darkness,
reaping shadow of woes.
Begin to erase all life,
Listen to freedom not wisdom, -
the omnicidal mind,
as it is reigning in your veins.
Souls scattered without graves.
We’ll show them ways to death!
Track Name: Allegory of the Dead
Staring at the shadows of coprolite’ lies.
Do you know the way out of the pit?
You’re one alive, between pile of cadavers;
left for dead.
And lost without a guide,
Frozen inside, -
the overcast myth; I’m begging to die.

Under the burden of friction, a historical tradition,
to delude and summon into darkness; -
to deify every aberration.

From mouth to mouth!
before livor mortis,
disease has spread!
Too weak to crawl, -
I’m falling back to the lair!

Tribulation of mankind, - to be born among the ancients;
to be dragged along by the rope of sand and a dying hand;
being an antipode in solitude; -
It’s a mass grave in the valley of convictions.
Allegory of the dead, -
Under the Sun of truth,
Harvesting the seed of evil,
The world upon its corrupt roots

Allegory of the dead, -
bear the pain until lowered to tomb.
Allegory of the dead, -
The World upon its corrupt roots.
Track Name: Chronos in Oblivion
Ruination with many names!
I’ve come to make my final wish.
Pursued the path towards damnation,
Banished from prudence, well are you the keeper?
And you already met my pain,
When you ceased to exist!

Reminisce the wisdom of beginning,
The dawn and birth into fear. -
Bring it before our eyes!
We illuminated our pathetic lives!

They cast you into twilight.
Your chambers now echo.
When all are about to die,
I know you are there.

In emptiness,
In silence,
In lust and grief,
Glory to one who knows the end of my path.

To demonstrate the limitless,
I pull down your walls.
My only burden
is time.
Track Name: Atomisery
I am all that subsists! -
A formation of imperfect bane,
disorder in eternal concordance,
an original thought of the end.

I am the hemlock for gods,
a fractured pillar for immortality,
I am the law

that wills to perish.

Only hate within conformity.
Between diverse fragments
revulsion never ends.

The seeker of everything
in search for the other,
finds what demolishes himself.

A thought is an agony beyond survival.
Into infinity, - my atomisery.
I am meant to remain after dying. -
The endless loathing, a leap to nothing!
- my atomisery, - breathing, an endless loathing,
I am!
Track Name: A Lifeless Cipher
Your genotype, - a hidden flaw.
This messenger carries no god.
And bloodstains mark
where we went wrong.
Sustain your weakness
until the murderer is born.

‘Till the last man stands. -
Self-aware in the face of my own decay!

Thrown to death!
Out of control!
Blood or poison
Or particle mess.
Universal Omission!
Relentless suffer.
Coded Unconscious. -

This blood belongs to the others,
it’s meant to be this way!
Until this day I remain a Lifeless Cipher.
Who I am becoming now? Well, it’s the end!
And only to die,
die to be atoned.
All reconciled,
existence of loss!

By natural law,
Condemned to be.
Murder the other,
to believe I’m here
Track Name: The Void Abides
Within life’s confinement,
where movement forms the dust.
It breathes out silence,
forgotten, shapeless, inborn thorns.
In narrow corners,
both horrors and thoughts dwell
and I am dying,
to taste and drown in their molten realm.

When all are sickened,
I fill their mouths once more.
The blood that’s thickened,
Corrodes and veils in abiding dread.
The dirt devours, -
clogs every mortal pitfall.
Procreating remnants, -
futile in their cemented void.

Let the rational machine rust.
In years it shows singular avail.
Time will be defined by the stench,
which leads one to the domain of end.

Blindly running towards the blaze,
The meaning emerges when I see decay.
Now end’s instinct revolts,
opening the sole way out.
The anguish will show:
I am meant to feel neglected life.
In my remembrance,
the place of whole and beyond,
shelters segments
of demise, flesh and extinct lore.
Track Name: Messenger from the Abyss
I cleanse my sanity in nightmares;
in visions; in purest form of pain.
And I fade before my awakening,
letting the body to be enchained.

Somewhere beyond flesh and time,
welcomed by the sound of helpless cries.
Silence falls, - the voice of the dead,
invite me to the messenger of my demise.

...More buried than alive.
...More animal than divine.
…Echoes in this empty space.
...This dark realm - the life.

across or dig the soil,
the message will be forever the same.
Engraved stones, where the names remain.
And he who promises the abyss,
will suffer
the same.